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 Ah, used books. Their smell summons childhood memories and they’re good for the environment. These days, $29.99 is a lot to pay. If you can afford to drop that kind of cash every time your favorite author releases a new title, God bless you. If not, your financial situation needn’t deter you from reading which is why you should buy a used version of the book instead. You’d not only be reducing the amount of waste in the world, you’d also be supporting booksellers like us. 

Best and Fastest Books is a small family-run business. We leverage technology and online retail to reach thousands of readers across the globe–fast too! What’s more, we recycle. Every book that doesn’t make the cut gets turned into wonderful new paper. That’s pretty cool.

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With an inventory of 200K+ books on Amazon, Best and Fastest Books is sure to satisfy your bookworm needs. Search our books.

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When orders come in, the Best and Fastest Book crew processes them at lightning speed. Our shipping rates are super affordable too.

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We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and maintain a 97% satisfaction rate on Amazon. If you have a problem, our team is ready to help.

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Best and Fastest Books is always looking for  inventory in the tri-state area (New Jersey, New York City, and Connecticut). If you know someone who has a ton of books they’re thinking of throwing out or you yourself have a collection you wish to downsize, contact us. We will pick up and clean out any unwanted books for FREE as well as purchase high-end collections.

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